What we thought was the truth was actually the veil of carnality that covers the real Truth. Please check these out. http://www.therealtruthfromwithin.org/ my godaddy web page.
http://sites.google.com/site/therealtruthfromwithin/ my google web page.


It seems like everyone in this Hell wants to stay here, because they are afraid to die and go home to be with God. Many will say, how in the Hell can he say these things. If they could only see, to (live) is (evil), and to die, is to gain; and when they (lived), they were the (devil). http://www.therealtruthfromwithin.org

The proud ones who think they know the truth will see the storm, but the humble ones will seek out the real Truth to be set free. http://www.TheRealTruthFromWithin.org

We all have a veil over our eyes and we see and think like a man thinks, which is foolishness to the Lord God. Please see this. http://www.therealtruthfromwithin.org

Every man is right in his own eyes. Everyone thinks they know the truth, like I did, until the veil opens and then they will see their own ignorance. Please check this out, it is extremely important.

The Real Truth From Within

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